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August 19, 2010

My photography hobby has taken a new direction. After 50 years or so, professional quality microscopes have gotten really good and the prices have come within reason for a hobbiest. I have bought an Amscope Model T490B which is Brightfield and Darkfield capable and shows microscopic detail so sharp, it takes my breath away. Nothing even remotely like a kids microscope that comes in the christmas present chemistry set.

January 29, 2011

That was several months ago. In early November, I bought and paid for a Nikon Fluophot Research Flourescent microscope. The Amscope has now been sold. I paid roughly the same for both scopes, but the Nikon is without a doubt, head and shoulders above the Amscope in quality of the equipment, options and workmanship.

Follow this journey by going to the Nikon Fluophot link now. There are already a number of pages with many images of this microscope, and they go in chronological order.

I will be uploading images to this host, mostly for the purpose of linking to them in forum posts I might make on the net.

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