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  American Robins - La Crosse Wisconsin

Well, I guess the American Robin doesn't need much introduction. At least for those in North America. Robins are one our most popular and widespread songbirds in the US and everyone learns their song at an early age. The males have a black head and tail feathers while the females have a grey head and tailfeathers. They eat worms and berries and can be found in the woods and lawns across America. Contrary to popular belief, they will remain in the Northern states all through the winter, as long as they have food to eat. In recent years, which have been decidedly warmer with less snowfall than usual, I have seen and heard them all through the woods around La Crosse Wisconsin. They are one of the few songbirds that will survive in captivity, although they are protected and no one should keep any bird in a cage, especially the American Robin.

If you want Robins in your yard, please to not use poisons, bug killer chemicals or other nasty crap on your grass. In fact, let the yard go to natural grasses and just keep it mowed. The Robins and other birds will eat all the nasty insect larvae and bugs that normally infest a yard that has been fertalized and poisoned to death. Since doing this, we have had no bugs, ants in the house or worse, mosquitos at night in our yard. We can sit outside in the evening and the only thing we have flying around are beautiful birds chowing down for the night. Enjoy. :o)

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