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November 4, 2010

My photography hobby has taken a new direction. Now that we are into a new millennium, manufacturing has finally caught up to peoples need for more toys. Professional grade microscopes can now be had, new from the manufacturer, starting at a hundred bucks and going up from there. I recently bought an Amscope brand Model T-490B biological type scope. It is very clear and sharp through the eyepieces, but because of cheap Chinese optics, getting good images from it seems to be impossible. So, after what I deem a waste of money, I have found, bid on and purchased a Nikon Fluophot fluorescence scope with all the bells and whistles, for about what I paid for the Chinese knockoff. Images supplied by the company posted below. I will make an unpacking video and post it on my YouTube page, when the scope arrives.

If you can enlighten me on anything about the Nikon Fluophot, have paper manuals you want to part with, or parts, or lenses for it, please contact me and let's talk.












As the situation changes with this scope, I will add more here. You can check out my YouTube pages for more from the Amscope Microscope, videos I have shot through it, and a two part unpacking video for it.


November 5, 2010

I heard today, the scope shipped from the warehouse today and will arrive no later than Monday, November 15th. The service has been great, from this company, Ready Medical, and my sales rep, Lisa, has been very helpful with every detail of the sale and shipping process. I'm not much on waiting though and am really excited about this new Nikon microscope.



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