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December 28, 2010

These images show the Nikon Fluophot microscopes Halogen Light Box. It mounts on the rear surface of the VD-Base via a close fitting dovetail machined surface. A very well designed concept used throughout this microscope. It allows for easy assembly/disassembly and a close fit time after time. It also has adjustable surfaces that allow fine tuning of the parts for proper fit and alignment.

If you have any questions about the images, or would like other views, do not hesitate to contact me using the form on the Contact Us page.

I am also looking for parts for my scope. While it seems to be in excellent shape, I would like to upgrade the condenser that I have, to one with darkfield and Phase Contrast capabilities. If you have an old Phase Contrast condenser you are willing to part with, please contact me.

On with the pictures.

1. The light box from the microscope side, showing a lens and the face of the dovetail slider...

2. Another view...

3. View from the Right side. The mounting dovetail is to the left in the picture. On the side facing the camera, is the Socket Sleeve Clamp Screw, Loosening this allows you to pull out the Socket Sleeve. The ceramic lamp base mounts to the inside of the sleeve. The two round knobs are the lateral and vertical lamp centering knobs. The electrical cord is the power cord which attaches to a socket on the rear of the VD-Base...

4. The rear of the Light Box, showing the Rear Mirror. The mirror surface is on the far end of this thin metal tube. It can be adjusted side to side to help center the light from the bulb. To adjust it or take it out altogether, stick a finger inside and pull the tube out. The far end, once out, is a mirrored surface. I would not touch this, just as you never touch the mirror on a SLR camera. Just the oil from your fingers might damage this mirror surface. I do not know for a fact, but the surface is probably a very thin layer of silver, easily damaged by a finger or microfiber cloth. DO NOT TOUCH!

5. A view of the Light Box with the Rear Mirror removed. DO NOT TOUCH THE MIRROR OR THE HALOGEN BULB!

6. Another view...

7. View of the Left side of the Light Box, showing the Diffuser Knob and the Collector Lens Focusing Knob...

8. A closer view of the Socket Sleeve Clamp Screw, the lateral and vertical centering screws. some earlier model Light boxes will have a large ring for the vertical adjustment of the lamp...

9. A view of the bottom of the light box. This shows a better angle of the dovetail mounting surface...

10. And the top of the box showing the cooling louvers...

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